Sojung Kim, Painter

It takes about a month to create one piece of big painting (body size). If it is a series of paintings, I make around 10 pieces in a year and repaint or add all of the paintings until the last one is finished.

Image Left: Inside

Image Above: Life 2

The main material I use for painting is oil colour, —- I’m inspired by colours from outside and inner emotions, which turn out mixed of biomorphic forms and colours. I choose one colour first and decide on matching colours afterwards. Furthermore, to invoke the immersive experience and perceptual senses of the viewers I additionally create physical colour filters that are part of the experience when viewing my paintings. Some of these objects incorporate transparent vinyl layers built on a frame while others include transparent acrylic based plastics. Viewing my paintings through these colour filters produces movement in the colour as well as illusions in the depth depending on the angle or distance to where the viewer is standing.

Image Right: Life 2 In Progress

Image Above: Life

Sojung Kim (b. 1993) is a professional painter with more than 10-years painting experience, and holds an MFA and BFA. Her current interest in painting and sculpture is to abstract and explore themes surrounding colours and their effects on emotional states. She has exhibited a number of her works, including two solo exhibitions at Rainbopia (Gallery DOS, South Korea, 2016) and Chromophilia (Steuben Gallery, New York, 2018), as well as numerous group exhibitions such as 오인전 (Five people exhibition, Korea, 2016). She was awarded in the Good Day Art Contest (2015) and Geumgang Art Contest (2015).

Sojung holds an MFA degree from Pratt Institute (New York, 2018), and a BFA from Hongik University (Seoul, Korea, 2016) where she was a scholarship student. Sojung currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.