Crossing the Dissour emerged from the environment of Greywood Arts, an artist residency that welcomes practitioners from the visual, performing, and literary arts. As an organisation, we value being articulate and transparent about process, and we try to practice this across all aspects of our operations. In a place where the conversation is always about the how and why, it seemed only natural to share our musings and open that dialogue up to a wider audience.

The inaugural issue of Crossing the Dissour is made up of artists who have been in residence at Greywood Arts. The residency occupies a Georgian house situated in the centre of a rural Irish village, at the foot of Glenbower Wood. The river Dissour runs beside the house, and this is the view from the writer’s room. Water is a familiar metaphor for creativity and flow. The word Dissour is poetic in itself, coming from the Irish for “twice wetted,” due to the rivers powerful bleaching capabilities – one wetting here was said to be as good as two in other waters. The water flows past on old mill, past Greywood, and then under a bridge. Crossing is a nod to bridging and building connections.

A biannual journal, we expect the second edition to go live in July 2019. It will be open for general contributions soon, so head to the Submissions page for further information.

Issue one was put together by Greywood’s Artistic Director, Jessica Bonenfant along with writer and musician Ryan Mihaly.